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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  August 8, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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a developing story tonight a home innovation gives chase towait to read chase in northwest indiana. police are trying to piece together what happened. seen tonight around the country, live in indiana with the story. good evening to both of you this seen as clearing up right now, this situation began shortly after 5:00 this evening and started with a home invasion from there
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it was turned into a police pursuit and beyond that we are told one person was left dead again this scene here at colorado it's just clearing moments ago here is what we know according to the county sheriff's department it was around 550 or so that the department contacted the other shares department they were dealing with a home in addition we are told suspects took off from the particular address and from there they took off by car on rte. 30 into lake county meanwhile police were on their tails, at rte. 30 in colorado a collision involving the suspect came down at some point shots were fired that as well. not by police because they hadn't arrived on the scene but allegedly by the suspect involved in this case one person was hit struck and had allegedly the victim of the home invasion who had actually been following the suspect by car behind them.
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three of the four suspects were later captured by police, the fourth suspect we're told actually took his own life here at the sea will we understand at this point is the initial home invasion, some kind of pursue where the suspect took off behind them the victim of the home edition pursuing them. at some point shots were fired one of the victims were shot in the hand it doesn't sound like a very serious injury, traffic just opening up here behind me. there will be a lot more to learn tomorrow morning especially about the questionable home invasion in porter county. for now we are live. >> aborning tonight after a man impersonating a police officer sexually assaulted a woman in a
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cornfield, live at the scene in kendall county with more. good evening some disturbing details involving this investigation the victim is a 33 year-old woman from sandwich illinois and tonight police are asking for the public's help in finding the suspect investigators from kendall county say the assault happened around 645 last night in the cornfields. a quarter mile west of little rock road the victim says she was followed by a blue ford crown victoria and the car flashed a red and blue emergency light on the front of the car and pulled her over a man walked up to her car wearing a uniform and he was dressed in some sort of uniform we're not sure if it is police security but it was some sort of official looking uniform people the mask over his face and for stir into the corn field where he began richter, he got back into the blue crown victoria and
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took off heading east the victim was taken to a hospital in sandwich so far investigators only have a vague description of the suspect. it is a male approximately 30 years of age 5 ft. 8 180 lbs. described as a tan and white male or a light skinned hispanic male. anyone with information should contact kendall county investigations you could also make an anonymous call to crime stoppers both numbers are available on our web site. what's you do if you think a police impersonator is trying to pull you over, they say, 11 the dispatcher can verify if it's a real cop trying to stop you if not they will send one you could also continue driving to a public area. tonight a new
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conclusion and the wisconsin shooting rampage the fbi is now saying the gunmen killed himself officers subdued wage michael page with a shot to the stomach he then took his own life with a bullet to the head, investigators say he acted alone in killing six people sunday more than 100 people have been interviewed nationwide and investigators are following up leads from around the world. after all this work we still have identified no one else responsible for the shooting other than him we also have not clearly defined a motive at this point. police found a gun as a felon she cannot possess a firearm but they do not believe that she is connected to the shooting an upcoming book about rod blagojevich makes an explosive claims about president
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barack obama george ryan the former governor may be getting early out of prison after all what he is expected to do after he leaves. not too hot not too cold what it was doing inside a chocolate shop. after suffering through a summer of extreme heat we give you a real taste of autumn. how low the temperatures will go.
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heated arguments at the drew peterson trial today. testifying that savio told her that she kept a knife under her mattress to protect herself from drew. live in joliet after a stormy day in court. talk about an intense day and a big win for prosecutors who call today historic. another is hearsay statement is admitted a critical piece of evidence and to a very strong witnesses take the stand. retired state police sgt patrick collins was on the stand most of the day the key piece of his testimony introduced drew
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peterson is fourth wife stacey to the jury. drew and insisted on sitting in on the interview he was close to stacy his arm around her shoulder and his hand on her leg complete control control of the situation and stacey at that moment in time later that afternoon the court room exploded before the second witness was called into another hearsay statement was introduced christian anderson lived with kathy savio for two months in the fall of 2003 she said that savio told her drew broke into her house dressed in a somewhat uniform held the knife to her throat and said i could kill you and make it look like an accident. that's not a coincidence. >> a member of the team was arguing with the judge about admitting the statement when the state's attorney james class stood up, his face red his voice
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allowed into yelled at the judge, it's you, not the prior ruling that determines whether christian andersen should take the stand. in a pretrial hearing, judge steven white ruled it inadmissible. his passion, his will, his belief in justice and a lot and his willingness to fight for this for kathleen right now we felt that today but he admitted it and when christian anderson initially took the stand to testify she began crying when asked about the statements the jury left the court room in anderson went into the hall where she sobbed for her friend she could compose herself, came back in and told the jury about what kathie savio told her. she stated over and over the issue is a good friend. at least one
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juror appeared disgusted by the comment. this is a murder case, a serious case. lopez insisted he was not beating up on the witness. this has been a crazy trial from the beginning not even a roller coaster but there is no downside is all high intensity every single day daetz 7 tomorrow possible witnesses including another friend of kathy savio's and the will county coroner's. former gov. george rhine closer to freedom
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tonight or is he his lawyer tells us he will be released to a halfway house in january 6th months before his scheduled prison release date but another former inmate dead politician says that will barely be a step up from prison life. for me i did not like that at all. worse than life on the inside is almost impossible to believe. the fact of being locked in again the lock on the one door, your freedom is still not there, she would know the former cicero town president arrived at the salvation army halfway house in february of 2010 greeted by a throng of cameras it's the same place the former governor ryan is headed to on january 30th according to his lawyer after serving more than five of his six and a half years behind bars on that date to he should
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be transferred to the work- release program might understanding is that would be in chicago and the salvation army where many other federal prisoners have spent their time many others including the former chairman congressman dan former alderman reynolds, all guests at the salvation army residential reentry center. as of his his lawyer says he has been a model prisoner in an ideal candidate. we are grateful for the chance to participate in a work-release program but continues to maintain that he was a not guilty of what the government said he was guilty of george ryan will still answer to that prison he will have a curfew work to earn his keep in
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be subject to search any time, the routine by any standard, very strict. i felt more attractive than i did in prison but i think it was because i knew of this so close to full freedom that way that it was anything else the next governor will live in a dorm like room, he will have access to a shared kitchen, shared bathroom and shared living area. a woman hit and killed by a magoo bus is remembered for her volunteer work and a sense of humor. she was walking north on canal as the bus was turning left on to adams. the buses side mirror and doctor to the pavement. the time on the clock was closer to 0 as
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she crossed thecrossed the street. all the passengers were able to carry out safely just last thursday mega bus crashed near lichfield illinois a driver at the university of missouri was killed and was one of 30 passengers injured. a new alternative to plastic bags in some parts of chicago coming up next and eco friendly option. thousands of chicagoans finding themselves in a new board to reject a sting. getting out on the water on lake michigan for a challenging workout.
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day after day, block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. arson investigators look at the andersonville neighborhood, one russia may have been intentionally set on fire, there is extensive property damage including a vintage 1975 corvette. the story of how they are going green. it's composed
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of a bag is really a great option because it breaks down instead of just existing for thousands of years like plastic they are the newest generation of plastic bags in biodegradable form that dissolves in the elements because they're human made of natural ingredients. if it ends up in the environment because it's made of organic materials it will break down in similar ways that an apple core wood. she is the owner of the green grocer she considers herself environmentally conscious and has been in business for four years. not only do we obviously carry products that fall into green categories but even from the bags, it's been a big piece for us. the company that makes the bags hope that by selling ads on the sides of the backs the products which are good for the environment will catch on
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with local merchants. i think we will just continue to order them and we will find out more information to aldermen it more rainout and the green grocer hope that the trend of using biodegradable plastic bags will spread to other words throughout the city. friends and family honoring the memory of a pediatric surgeon who drowned after saving two children in lake michigan and funeral services for the doctor today at the israel congregation he was chief of pediatric surgery at children's hospital in colmar, by a riptide before drowning he helped to children to shore he is survived by his wife and three young children. american airlines pilots getting a no go to their parent company tonight
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next a billing contract dispute at a major airline. also a fun way to get a serious workout on lake michigan. and a new book about rod blagojevich makes claims about an alleged $25,000 donation.
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forits one of the fastest growing
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water activities offering lots of fun with a full body workout stand-up paddle boarding it is riding a wave of popularity with users finding that they are stronger with every stroke. that makes a look effortless, the founder has a handle on this bill in sport he hopes will make a splash with others he goes to great lengths to spread the word. 12 hours of nonstop paddling all the way down to 63rd street and back up here to evanston took 12 straight hours. >> now he's teaching me what it takes to brave lake michigan on 2 ft.. you will be very parallel
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to the board. you will be facing forward. you want to reach as far forward as you comfortably can and get the plate all the way in the water so punch it down and imagine you were actually pulling yourself past the plate. you will be out of lake michigan water can get choppy and wind can come up there are two important things to do of course where a personal flotation device. even if he broke in half it's unthinkable so make sure that you were attached to the board then it's in the water and up. easy for the pros, a little more focused for the first timer once on board the popular pastime provides an incredible workout all of your power is coming from
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your core the legs pulling together for support in the arms maneuvering the paddle create a complete wardrobe in strength activity. it is a workout for your whole body. it has become the new big fun thing and this is definitely not a bad way to spend the day once you catch on, it's all about catching the next wave. paddlers are doing stand- up paddle relay as part of the chicago marathon to benefit the alliance for the great lakes. next we will bring the coldest
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♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.tropical storm ernesto weaving parts of mexico this morning the hurricane center says he could reach mexico again
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expected to make a second landfall. they have seen a lot worse. we have our own interested weather around here and we could see some water. look at this, we go back to last saturday he could remember the dramatic storm that swept in here. see it did some damage. al by the door to build area. the buildings were literally crushed by the winds with that system. it turns day to night around the chicago area. today not nearly that dramatic of a situation we have had some non lightning producing rains over around the area and some of the northwestern suburbs have gotten this way. a very complex weather pattern that represents a big pattern change around here. more
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where that came from could see one of the bigger rains in the last year before this is all over. rains will pick up particularly tomorrow afternoon and night. upper 80s today at geneva and hebron. with a 75 going to night at george armstrong elementary school in north town. kind of a nice evening, still looking dry out there maybe we can do something about that. the big pattern change involves a retrogression of heat back into the west. these states are under red flag warnings. we will show you some
9:33 pm
of the temperatures within a score of heat. there will be in alberta system up here. we will track along this thermal boundary from downstate illinois which will set up some wind and additional reagan it was 100 again today in st. louis look at this heat. death valley in california hit 126 today even salt lake city got in on the heat the warmest month ever in
9:34 pm
u.s. history in july and our recorded history. tonight, relief. you see the cooler temperatures in progress here. these northeast winds will become more of a factor. humidity 55% the dew point is 58. still a high mold spore count. this hot dome will send the jed careening in from canada. that destabilizes the air. coolest weather in six weeks is coming in with this pattern changed by friday.
9:35 pm
daytime highs will not get over the '70s. the rains are pretty resectrespectable. on our update we will show you some rainfall numbers and they are pretty impressive around the area and we could use every drop of that range. more of this rain
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possibly later on. we are taking stock of the spring states, new polling on three's spots that will be key to presidential election victory in november and a curious baer finds his sweet spot in colorado.
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edge in colorado. and in virginia 49% surveyed say they support obama with 45 percent backing romney. president obama as overall lead over mr. romney is 49% 42% has grown slightly i think since last month. a new book about gov rod blagojevich says tony russell secretly channeled thousands of dollars to his senate campaign for him. the former governor said that he heard he paid $25,000 federal authorities did not deem the claim credible. the book is scheduled to be published in september. city council examines
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the boundaries voters will know where to vote and to their new representatives will be. when election day comes first of all they go to the right place and a vote within the right political boundaries and they know who their representatives are. voter registration notices will be mailed this week. american airlines pilots rejected a new contract. the allied pilots association says close to 3000 pilots voted in favor of the sensitive contract and nearly 5000 voted against it. two other key labor groups and the approved contract agreements the airlines tentative contract relies on the cops for profitability. tax company's plans to bring jobs to chicago. and a bear gets
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mayor emanuel promotes more tech jobs for chicago, he visited three tech companies today he says he expects the company to hire up to 200 new employees in the upcoming years he says the technology company provides cutting edge solutions to 21st century problems and they're hiring defense to the best and brightest. we are in the weather center. we got ourselves some
9:46 pm
rain on the way. we will be able to talk about that, it will come in waves. you can see the weather system consolidating over arrest tonight but it will really take off later tomorrow and tomorrow night. the low produces quite a gradient. look at the end has that that goes on over the lake, the model picks up that is midnight tomorrow night a big pluscluster of rain comes in. look at the ring numbers and you can see again reflected the lake enhancement of the rainfall it may be over
9:47 pm
an inch and a half in some areas. gusts over 30 mi. per hour. that will be a full- fledged wind. isolated '80s tomorrow but '70s for the most part. only seven days on friday that will be the coolest in daytime high temperature today the good news was the mold count, the high was at least below advisory status at 50,000. just shy of 50,000 was the moscow today. the lake itself as we say ran about six and a half degrees warmer than average and there is the hurricane having spent some of its energy on the yucatan peninsula. it may pick
9:48 pm
up more strength as it continues westward for mexico. but it's straddling the coast line. this will stay like a category one storm. 81 and falling tomorrow scattered showers and occasional thunderstorms and heavy rain at times. readings could be in the mid-upper 80s in chicago. it looks like you'll be a downturn after that warm-up next week.
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fourth an all-star lineup teaming up under one roof tonight. have a look at a bear and a chocolate shop. he pawed the door open overnight and probable his way in. he grey's but never broke the glass cases
9:50 pm
and left as quietly as he came. the owner said if it weren't for her hidden security camera she would have thought the store was vandalized by a squirrel. the white sox are having trouble scoring against the very average kansas city pitcher. [ female announcer ] what's a powerful way to cut through everyday greasy messes? [ female announcer ] sponges, take your mark! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] one drop of ultra dawn has twice the everyday grease-cleaning ingredients of one drop of the leading non-concentrated brand... ♪ ♪ [ crowd cheering ] you the strength of two in every bottle. [ sponge ] gimme some suds!
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downy's pretty much saving our clothes. yeah, ultra downy saves loads.cubs in action tonight we're starting off the season talking about the white sox and both teams have something in common tonight, trouble scoring the white sox have been controlling their division. they have been the team's they're supposed to be like minnesota and kansas city but they needed a win over those royals tonight to keep that going he didn't make many mistakes but here is one at the second inning. the solo home run
9:54 pm
by mike, one-nothing kansas city. its to-nothing at the sox got the run of the night but the royals hang on to win it 2-1. the cubs 04 the road trip they are home tomorrow night to play the first place in cincinnati reds. if jay colors thoughts were entirely on the opener with denver it's understandable, the bears' quarterback became a dash for the first time today. she gave birth to a baby boy. no word on his status for tomorrow's game there has been word this week on the status of
9:55 pm
it to marcus web offensive coordinator mike made it clear that it's a work in progress. webb hears them loud and clear. he definitely told me to grow up a little bit and just be the player that i should be it's the reason i keep working hard every day to achieve excellence. he is making progress 2. again, for what we've john everybody is about where we want to see the bears announced tonight a longtime defense august
9:56 pm
brown signed a one-year contract with the team allowing him to retire tomorrow. maybe a day for northwestern three days into practice. this is one of them many weapons at the disposal of coulter who has done a little of everything the last few years including all lot of running. this year is a lot different. i'm able to make all of the passes on the field. i'm able to make decisions and help the team. and the united states has the lead in the metal town of the olympics, a big day in a women's track and field with the
9:57 pm
u.s. winning five medals. that is the news for this wednesday night. have a good night.
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